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Posted by Tracy Allowayon Jun 29 08:00.

Comment, analysis and other offerings from Wednesday’s FT,

Martin Wolf: Why austerity alone risks a disaster
Enjoy the coming slump, says the FT columnist. That is not what the Bank for International Settlements says to the US and other overindebted economies. But it is what its latest annual report implies. I admired the warnings of monetary and financial excesses that the BIS gave under its former economic adviser, William White. I respect Stephen Cecchetti, his successor. But I disagree with the thrust of this report. It understates the obstacles to across-the-board austerity.

The A-List: Mohamed El-Erian – How Lagarde can rescue the IMF
Christine Lagarde – who following Tuesday’s public backing from Tim Geithner, US treasury secretary, will assume the post shortly barring any legal complications – must move on five key issues in her first few months at the helm, writes the chief executive and co-CIO of Pimco.

Jean Pisani-Ferry: Holiday homework for European leaders
European leaders agreed again last week to “do whatever is necessary to ensure the financial stability of the euro area as a whole”. But they did not say how, notes the director of the Bruegel think-tank. Even if the coming vote in Greece’s parliament averts crisis, they would be well advised to make use of the long European summer season to turn this unspecified commitment into an action plan – with the following suggestions.

Analysis: Walmart – a thinner throng
America’s most dominant retailer and the world’s most domineering is facing questions as to whether it is past its peak, writes the FT’s Barney Jopson.

Westminster blog: Should government borrowing powers be capped?
Sajid Javid is putting forward a 10-minute rule bill next month proposing that the government legally caps the UK’s national debt, says the FT’s Elizabeth Rigby. Javid, who climbed the ranks at Deutsche Bank before joining in the Tory 2010 intake last May, wants the coalition to set net government borrowing at a certain percentage of GDP.n

Women at the top: Queen bee in the office – who gets stung?
Female bosses get a bad rap. There’s even a word for them. No, not that word. I am talking about the term “queen bee”. But according to a new study by Belle Derks of Leiden University in the Netherlands, such behaviour may not necessarily be her fault. Rather, it is the product of an inherently sexist work environment, writes the FT’s Rebecca Knight.

Beyond brics: Come get your MBA in Cuba?
Havana may not yet rival Harvard, but an MBA course is shortly to be launched in the communist-ruled Cuban capital. Che Guevara might be turning in his grave, writes the FT’s Ron Buchanan.

News analysis: China’s old bad banks run new risks
Years ago, when Industrial & Commercial Bank of China was getting ready to list, it went through its own spring cleaning of its balance sheet. It established Huarong Asset Management, a platform to take all its bad debts, while the Ministry of Finance recapitalised the bank itself, writes the FT’s Henny Senders.

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